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For international customers

Thank you for visiting our site. We can ship our books internationally by EMS.
Please us with book title(s) that you want, your name and address.
We'll calculate shipping cost, and e-mail you back the total amount of your purchase. We accept PayPal payment only.

Estimation of Shipping Rate: Shipped by EMS.
It usually takes 4〜5 days to arrive.
Able to trace your parcel.
A money-back guarantee is applied.

weight / region Asia Oceania, The Middle and Near East, North / Middle America Europe South America, Africa
500g 1400yen 2000yen 2200yen 2400yen
600g 1540yen 2180yen 2400yen 2740yen
700g 1680yen 2360yen 2600yen 3080yen
800g 1820yen 2540yen 2800yen 3420yen
900g 1960yen 2720yen 3000yen 3760yen
1.0kg 2100yen 2900yen 3200yen 4100yen
1.25kg 2400yen 3300yen 3650yen 4900yen
1.5kg 2700yen 3700yen 4100yen 5700yen
1.75kg 3000yen 4100yen 4550yen 6500yen
2.0kg 3300yen 4500yen 5000yen 7300yen
2.5kg 3800yen 5200yen 5800yen 8800yen
3.0kg 4300yen 5900yen 6600yen 10300yen
3.5kg 4800yen 6600yen 7400yen 11800yen
4.0kg 5300yen 7300yen 8200yen 13300yen
5.0kg 6300yen 8700yen 9800yen 16300yen